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5 Signs your car air-conditioning needs attention



It’s not cooling or cooling too slowly

You turn on the air-conditioning and… nothing! Except maybe some warm or hot air. Houston… we have a problem. There could be several reasons. Your system may be low on refrigerant, cooling fans may be damaged, or it could be as simple as a resistor or a cabin filter could be blocked by leaves and debris. If it’s taking longer than normal to cool your car’s cabin, something’s up. It’s likely you have a leak. This could place the air-conditioning unit under strain, and you should have this looked at immediately.


The windscreen stays foggy

Your windows are fogging up so you turn the air-conditioning on to de-mist them but… no luck! This is usually a result of low refrigerant or a weak blower motor. So instead of resorting to wiping a clear patch on the windscreen every few minutes, get your air-conditioning serviced by Alpine Air Wellington and enjoy crystal clear vision no matter the situation!


Something smells bad (and it’s not you)

Whoops! You turn on your air con… and a bad smell is coming out of your vents. This could mean there’s mould growing inside the air-conditioning unit. Because mould spores can lead to respiratory problems for you and your passengers, you should have this fixed as soon as you can.


You see water stains in your vehicle

When you run your air-conditioning for a while, it’s normal to see water drain from the underside of your car. However, if you see water stains on the floor inside the car, you probably have a problem. The drain on the underside of your vehicle may be damaged or blocked. This can cause the water to back up and drain into the vehicle, pooling in the front footwell. You should book in with us as soon as you can.


Something sounds strange

If you turn on the air-conditioning and you hear rattling or banging it may be debris blocking the fan, or a part of the air conditioning compressor is broken or worn out. You need to address this immediately to avoid further damage call Alpine Air Wellington today.


Why you should have your air-conditioning serviced, even if there are no visible problems


1. The compressor needs oils, or else it can seize

2. Cabin Filters become clogged with pollen, dust and debris

3. Driers inside the air conditioning system collect debris and moisture and get blocked

4. Refrigerant leaks at about 15% a year and should be recharged every 2 years


Most of us don’t think about our car’s air- conditioning until it’s not working properly. But like anything mechanical, your air con unit needs a regular service to keep it running at its best.

An annual service of your car’s air-conditioning will help protect you against malfunctions. A regular service will save you money in the long run and ensure you can keep cool during the hottest months.

That’s why we make it easy for you with our mobile service. Just book us in for a service or repair, and we’ll come to you. Too easy!

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