What We Do


Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing

An air-conditioning service should be carried out on your vehicle every 1-2 years to ensure optimum performance, keeping you comfortable while driving.

Refrigerant re-gassing

Vehicle air-conditioning systems lose around 15% of refrigerant each year. For this reason, you should have your unit re-gassed every 1-2 years.

Cabin/Pollen Filters

Most modern vehicles are fitted with Cabin Filters. These filters trap dirt, pollen and other harmful particles and allergens from entering your vehicle’s air vents and need regular changing. We recommend doing this once a year to keep the air in your vehicle clean, hygienic and fresh.

Repairs and replacement

We can repair and/or replace any component in your air-conditioning system. We are also experienced in full reinstatement of old air-conditioning systems which have been removed or have parts missing.


What vehicles do we service?


We service a full range of vehicles and air-conditioning units, including:

Cars, trucks, vans, buses, campervans, off-road vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction vehicles, and heavy earthmoving equipment. Not sure if we service the kind of vehicle you have? Just give as a call!

What does a service include?

Our service checklist includes the following:

→ Check drive belts and pulleys

→ Inspect hoses and connections

→ Check operation of system

→ Leak-test lines and components with electronic leak detector, UV light and microbubble solutions.

→ Empty the system and recover the refrigerant

→ Charge system with recommended refrigerant

→ Add required refrigerant oil

→ Add leak-detecting UV dye to the system (if required)

→ Condenser temperature check

→ Suction line temperature check

→ Run vehicle, check air vent temperature